Dangerous days are upon us

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Watch out for false Prophets:

They will come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are as ravening wolves.

Every one of us has become painfully aware of how precious truth is. How easily rumors and lies are promoted; how often the media power of the élite uses misdirection when important news occurs. We have become used to seeing incredible stories promoted to the incredulous. We are often deceived by news that exaggerates real facts, in an effort to discredit the truth that those stories are based on. It is not unusual at all, in this internet age, to find that despite our best efforts, we HAVE been fooled again.

In these dangerous days, it’s common that truth is stranger than fiction. How odd that an obscure video was claimed cause for Benghazi? How much odder still are reports that the video was a cover story that began a cover-up of possibly treasonous acts, at the highest levels of American government? It seems utterly unreal to read that hundreds of armed federal agents, including snipers, outfitted with tanks and helicopters, no less, would mass to attack a small rancher who has a decades-long history of fighting for his property rights through the courts, and who has paid his fees, albeit to local authorities in lieu of federal ones. How few foresaw thousands of ordinary American militia members surging into the Nevada desert? Did many imagine that outpouring of patriotism would be widely reported in alternative media, and even in the mega media? We read stories, posts and comments everyday that shock and awe our sensibilities.

We’re all familiar with the concept of ‘False Flag’, but are you aware of the ongoing and thoroughly documented Federal intelligence actions known as ‘PSYOPS’? These insidious efforts are designed to spread misinformation, sow discord and division, cause mistrust and misapprehension. We, who value truth above party, who yearn to hear uncensored news without spin, are often stymied, not only by media elites, but by voices who sound a lot like ours. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, except when it isn’t. When it’s malign, deceptive, capricious and cruel; twisted, spun and distorted in the fun-house mirror. We are under attack, seemingly from within. But is it REAL?

There are, of course, honest voices crying out. Some for information, newly aware of the treachery of our usurping masters; some made cynical and hopeless over time; some genuinely full of rage and fear. But some of these voices may be part of sophisticated psychological programs to spread dissent, treachery and disinformation. Individuals may be sincere, or acting with the most cynical of intentions. They may be megalomaniacs or merely frauds, covert agents or con artists. They may be gleefully aware of their effect, or blissfully ignorant of corrosiveness. In the fog of info-war, that remains unclear.

What IS clear is that some use the Liberty movement for selfish ends, and some attempt to co-opt and corrupt the very agendas we hold so dear. You will see, read and hear many things, some easy to believe, some that beggar credulity. It is the duty of all thinking men and women to somehow sort through this web of tangled tales, and decide what is true. Many of us do not have the time, the background knowledge, nor the sophistication required for this task. That does not relieve any of us of our responsibility.

In this morass of misinformation, this bombardment of bombast, are kernels of honest fact. There are those among us who have taken up the mantle of sorting out the wheat from the chaff, and present nuggets of truth to others. We all know decent folks who can be counted on to reliably portray events as they are, whose analysis is fact-based and ruthlessly logical. These citizen-journalists may not tell you what you want to hear, but they will tell you what you need to know.

In my own case, I never ask anyone to believe me, simply because I am, well, believable. I always insist that readers and listeners doubt the veracity of my words, that they check and think for themselves. In this way, reputation for integrity is built, and grows. It is not possible to double-check and verify every single story, so you should perform spot checks at random, and in-depth investigation of anything that does not ring true. When you find a voice that calls to you, be wary, lest it be a siren song that calls you to your doom.

We fight in deadly earnest for the restoration of our Liberty, and the prosperity that follows. The plight of America is dire, and requires informed action. Do your part to spread the light of truth, but be careful. Take a few minutes to double-check before you share. Find credible sources worthy of your trust. Better yet, become one of those sources for your Brother and Sister patriots! The truth shall set us free!

Operation American Spring is a bona fide organized effort to restore adherence to our Constitution, the WHOLE Constitution, and nothing BUT the Constitution.

The ONLY websites with absolutely vetted and correct OAS information are https://oas2014.com/ and Patriots for America.

In Liberty,

Dan Gray

Brockton, PA


ps: See you in DC!