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Operation American Spring (OAS) Stands with A Nevada Rancher Family in Defense of Liberty

The Internet has been on fire over the past few days reporting and discussing the issue regarding a Nevada family and their fight to retain property they have managed and claim ownership of for over 100 years.  All the details are unclear but what is clear is the Bureau of Land Management, has been illegally encroaching on ranchers, driving them out of homes and livelihoods for decades, illegally confiscating land, using pretentious environmental rationale and bogus claims of stewardship, in key commercially and industrially valuable areas particularly in the western states, and specifically, just a few miles northwest of Las Vegas.

The standoff by Bureau of Land Management agents at the Bundy Ranch developed as a threat over the last week or so.  It escalated to the point of arrests, tazing a couple citizens, impeding public access, establishing ‘First Amendment-Free Zones’, intimidation by placing snipers in high-visibility locations, Illegally rounding up, abusing and in some cases, killing Bundy cattle and other livestock, while generally creating a ‘no-man’s land’  around the Bundy property in the vicinity of Bunkerville, Nevada.

The escalation of tensions continued until Saturday April 12, 2014.  Late in the day BLM did what has come to be expected from almost every incident these government contractors instigate: tactical withdrawal in the face of public resistance. But they will be back, using what they learn from the first assault, to make the next more devastating

What was the critical factor that stalled the bureaucrats’ lawless attack? The answer is a power higher than man, the love of freedom, liberty, the power of some thousands of peaceful American citizens rejecting Gestapo-style tactics.

Putting personal considerations aside, probably exercising sacrifice, Americans descended on the area surrounding the Bundy Ranch from all over America to display, in no uncertain terms, “we will no longer stand by and allow lawless, anti-Constitutional behavior by oath-bound public servants.”

American’s who have had enough of the heavy hand of tyranny arrived…men, women, ordinary citizens, standing in defense of the wrongfully oppressed and for the generations of children and grandchildren of all Americans.

The Bunkerville event should be a signal to America and the planned Operation American Spring (OAS) event in a couple of ways.  One, the effectiveness of a large, determined, peaceful assembly “of we the people”; Two, a heartfelt reflection of how deep-seated our desire has become to pursue freedom, liberty, even at the expense of potential harm to our persons.

Operation America Spring reflects the challenge we face on a national scale, but the potential impact is similar to the results carried out by God-fearing, constitution-loving, determined patriots in Nevada.  Our brave “we the people” in Nevada are delivering fresh hope of freedom, liberty, and a reversal of tyrannical behavior in lawless public offices.  Next month, Operation American Spring will bring the opportunity to restore Liberty in Washington, D.C,, challenging federal lawless officials, so it can spread throughout the country, and bring renewed hope to those who cling to the American spirit throughout the world.

My inspiration cup runs over in praise to God and gratitude to our fellow patriots that stood in the gap in Nevada.  May all be so bold to mirror our Nevada brethren’s courage for Liberty in Washington, D.C.

Harry Riley, COL, USA, Ret

Operation American Spring Coordinator.