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Liberty Bell

“Proclaim LIBERTY throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof.”

Since I joined Operation American Spring a short while ago, I have talked to hundreds of people; read thousands of posts and articles regarding the wisdom of OAS, both for and against.

The main objection comes from those who continue to believe that the “system” still works. They are committed to working for change within that system. They do not see it as broken, and do not share our sense of urgency. They continue to believe that those they elect into a corrupt system will change it, despite ample evidence that it’s usually the other way around. They entirely ignore that the electoral process is rife with fraud; almost completely compromised. Attempting to fix the problem from within the belly of the beast, where our Constitution is continually violated, is unrealistic.

There are two main reasons why many choose to support OAS. Many want to restore Constitutional limits on government power; to remove the current threat to liberty. Even more risk stepping up and standing out in order to ensure the blessings of liberty and prosperity for future generations.

Those in the first group of OAS supporters are angry. They are beyond fed up with those who manipulate and abuse our government for partisan agendas and personal gain. They are irate at the destruction of America’s wealth and standing in the world. Until recently, most of these men and women have attempted to work within the existing systemic structures, through petition, phone calls and faxes to their elected representatives. Having failed, they now take to the streets in frustration, to make their voices heard.

But those who care for their children more than their own lives, of their children’s children, are motivated by an even more basic emotion: fear. The kind of fear that emboldens mothers to ferociously defend their young against more formidable aggressors. That inspires fathers to sacrifice their very lives for the sake of their families. They have seen moral decay overtake and sap the vitality and goodness of America. They have watched wholesome values attacked and marginalized in favor of a godless “progressive” agenda. They see this once honorable nation strip the People of individual, God-given rights. They despair at the erosion of clearly defined Constitutional principle by elites who justify their seizure of power by insisting that Americans are not fit to make their own decisions for themselves and their own families.

It is this awesome combination of the power of individual angers and fears that gives patriots the strength and determination to do what is necessary to restore the vision of a Constitutional Republic that our Founders bequeathed to us.

We must search our hearts and clearly decide where we stand, and for what. Operation American Spring is an American movement, but in a larger sense, we represent the stirrings of liberty in liberty’s birthplace; we are a rallying cry to all who aspire to live free lives without the heavy hand of government oppression.

If you mean to live free, if you intend that your daughters and sons know the freedom that was handed down, after hard struggle, to us -Then you must resolve to stand and fight to restore the American Constitutional Republic. To fight for as long, and as hard as you are able. If you do not, you have made your decision to cast your lot with elites who will make of you, and your family, nothing more than slaves to their plans, creatures of their whim.

We have finally reached that pivotal moment in history our Founders warned us against. This is the time Americans must make the clear choice to decide our own fates. There is no time left for delay; the forces of global statism are poised to render all debate moot.

We must either accept tyranny, or fight for freedom!

Written by Rich Hall OAS, Staff Coordinator