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Operation American Spring is a GO!


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Exclusive interview With Chris Blystone of Operation: American Spring Texas. Chris and Vince Discuss what is Operation: American Spring, what are the goals? What type of turnout and resistance is to be expected. It seems Americans finally had enough and are ready to finally fight and stand up for their freedoms and restore our Constitution and liberties. Is this our last chance?

Brave Men…


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As we look to May approaching fast, remember; The strongest walls are not made of mortar and stone, they are made of Brave men willing to stand together in the face of overwhelming odds.


Virginia Patriots – In Action 2/22/2014


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Members of the Operation American Spring – Team Virginia along  with the American Patriot the III%, Virginia Chapter and Overpasses for America/Central Virginia-River City Patriots participated in an overpass event in Fredericksburg VA on 22 February 2014.  The event was conducted to protest for the return of a Constitutional Republic and to publicize Operation American Spring.  The majority of vehicles on Interstate 95 honked their horns and gave us a thumbs up.

I am Ukrainian


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Feb. 12, 2014  By Danielle Ryan



I am not a Ukrainian. But, the creator of this video is and it should make us all feel like we are. Watch it. Share it. Send it to your representatives. It’s not your problem. True. But all of our collective voices might be part of the solution.

If our shows of support as Europeans and Americans are weaker than Russia’s desire for control, the political ramifications of that will be felt. This simple, but powerful message has not gone viral the way videos of cats and laughing babies do — and it probably won’t, unless we do our best to make sure as many people as possible see it pop up on their news feeds.

This woman is brave and her message is clear. I dare you not to be moved by it.


Kiev, Ukraine Burns


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“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” —  Thomas Jefferson

Currently for Ukraine that appears to be the case.

Operation American Spring May 16, 2014 seeks for the peaceful restoration of OUR Constitutional government, Rule of Law, Freedom, Liberty …”of the People, for the People, by the People” from despotic and tyrannical federal leadership.

We want to avoid the violence that is shaking many nations right now. We come in peace, determined that our cause is righteous and believe with God as our standard bearer that all things are possible. However, many are concerned and believe that below the surface there is simmering anger and frustration with the state of affairs, and that without a major course correction by our elected leaders we are at risk of cascading into confrontation and violence, similar to Ukraine, Venezuela, Egypt and others.

Pray for the people of Ukraine for safety and resolution to their grievances -AC

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Welcome to Operation American Spring (OAS)

May 16, 2014 - Until Liberty Restored

The Mall

Washington, DC

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