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Americans put forth their vision of respect for self government and individual sovereignty with the unanimous Declaration of 1776. The Declaration of Independence on July 4th 1776 declares the necessity of mutual respect for the natural and God given rights of men. It enumerates the rights of individual life, liberty, property, sovereignty, stewardship for happiness and progression either directly or by implication. As such, the unanimous Declaration establishes the supremacy of self government with respect for rights over rule by man made laws. The rule of law in this republic is governed by the higher principles of the unanimous Declaration which is the founding document for the American experiment in self government. Any interpretation of the Constitution as the law of the land must be subjected to the light and clarity of the Declaration of Independence to establish its validity. All legislation, executive declaration or court opinion must withstand the same scrutiny. Obviously the purpose of the Constitution was to delegate certain powers of the people and the states to maintain order, mediate conflicts of interest and provide for a united defense in the face of invasion. The hope is that we may have peace, tranquility and progress as a nation united in the vision and power of the Declaration of Independence and self government with mutual respect for natural and God given rights. In this light, nothing in the Constitution can be construed in good conscience, as a license to violate the natural and God given rights of men for the good of the state.–Gunny Barton, Ret.