Operation American Spring,
March on the Washington D.C. Mall

Phase I

(Check daily www. OAS2014.com for updates)

Operation American Spring Daily Agenda

All Day – Maintain Presence at Camp Liberty

0930hrs – Staff Coordination Meeting (OPS, Logistics, Messaging)

1000hrs – Daily Prayer (Pastor Bland), Pledge of Allegiance, Testimonies

1015hrs – Speakers/Remarks for the Day

1030hrs – Engage the public

1130hrs – Prepare for Active Engagement (Hydrate, Early Lunch)

1200hrs – Active Engagement (Peaceful March/Protest, Meet w/Representatives, engage Citizenry, Mobile Teams – Flyer Handout, etc.)

1400hrs – Recovery

1430hrs – Vetted Open Mic/Bullhorn session (What brought you here, Representatives options to speak, etc.)

1500hrs – Closing remarks / Prayer (Pastor Bland)

1530hrs – Break Camp for the day